But the sleep didn’t come.

With my eyes closed,

I coursed through the deep night.

Wondering if it was sleep or

I dreamt with sleepless excitement.

I twisted and twirled,

Tossed all night while I lay.

I forced and I cursed,

Some cajoling didn’t help.

I waited and flipped,

Turned and curled,

But the sleep didn’t come.

Oh, the sweet sleep,

how much I care,

To be wrapped in your arms

And rest for the night.

But as deceptive as you were,

You decided to run away.

But the sleep didn’t come.

Sleep has often been a topic of discontent for me. I have never been happy with it.

If I slept too much … How could I waste my day sleeping!

Didn’t get enough sleep…I wish I could someday sleep till late!

Night shift….. I will sleep till late on my day off.

On day off…. I wish I didn’t end up watching that stupid movie till past midnight!

In love…. Sleepless.

No love…. Crying to sleep.

Stressed out…. Insomnia.

Too excited…. Too jumpy to sleep.

Bad score… feel too low to sleep.

Awesome score… party all night.

No baby… binge drinking in the night.

With baby…. I just need one straight three hours nap.

Baby slept early… yay…movie night!

With job…. Late night calls.

No job…. Can’t sleep in worry.


How about you? or am I the only one?


Author: vatsalasinha

An author, Doctor and a mother who struggles with learning mothering her preschooler, as he learns to be a child. In all a person exploring life, it's beauty and meaning as I try to keep my nose above water to survive challenging times and enjoy beautiful moments. I love to write about everything and anything, especially about feelings; your's, mine and anyone's. I recently published my first fiction and to me it's an achievement to be able to write with an insistent and clingy toddler screaming in my head for attention as I write and stare at my screen with sleep deprived eyes in those dark nights; with the melody of snores and music of perseverance ringing loud and making me keep going.

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