AlbertaCurves is an Edmonton based company providing custom hand paintings on your choice of denim.
All patterns are my own designs and can be further customized. They are inspired by various art forms like Henna, Madhubani art, Warli art, Indian and modern art forms. They can be painted on Denim pants, shorts, skirts or jackets. They are all sketch based designs wherein I prefer to use either black or white for outlining, depending upon the denim colour. Further, bright colours can be added to accentuate the patterns or one could choose to have monocoloured designs.
Prices are only for hand painting on your choice of denim, and will vary depending upon the patterns, monocoloured or multicoloured designs, and the size of the jeans (because more time and more material are required.)
One can send me their own denim or choose to get one delivered at my address from your choice of online shopping portal. Denim will be first hand-washed, ironed and then painted. I am normally able to ship the order within 30 days of the receipt of the denim. (In case of exceptions, one is always notified)
One can wash the finished product with the fabric turned inside out, in cold, delicate wash cycle, or simply hand wash them.
On my Etsy shop, I have included various sketches of patterns that I can further customize in hundreds of ways and can be painted on Jeans pants, skirts, shorts and jackets.
If you would like to get updates on new designs, sales, and discount coupons, then please feel free to sign up for AlbertaCurves‘ Newsletters. I promise you to not bother you with unnecessary emails, but only send Newsletters to offer the best discounts and new products.
So, sign up now to get 30% discount on your next pair of custom hand painted Jeans.

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