Anniversary Special

Never forget that I do see

Your small and big ways

That you care.

But I am sorry that I am loud

Only when you miss a small detail.

I wish I was louder

to show you the big things

I see you do and have been doing.

You are special in every way

You leave for a day

And my day sucks all day.

Isn’t that enough for you to know?

I can kick you everyday

But can’t leave you for a single day!

Isn’t that enough for you to know?

So we just turned six and I dedicate this one to my husband 🙂  

Six years ago we promised each other that we will stay together in good and bad…. and so far we have managed to keep our promises 😉 To celebrate this day and to let my dear husband know, how special he is for me… I jotted down a few lines. This one is just one of them. I hope he reads it or else I will make sure he reads it…hehe