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Everything colourful and creative has always attracted my interest. And painting on paper or canvas has been a long time hobby. However, paintings can only be hung on walls and I can’t carry them around. And I wanted a way to have art move around with me as a part of me, my personality and who I am. And then I decided to paint my jeans. I loved them so much that I worried wearing them, fearing to wear them off. Only recently did I come to terms with my accompanying art piece, my pair of jeans and started wearing them more often. I decided to paint more for myself as well as share my love for art with others. I decided to open my shop at Etsy and offer everyone a piece of art to walk around with. Whether a pair of denim, skirt, jacket, a handbag or shoes or any other accessory, irrespective of the age and gender of the wearer, I decided to leave a piece of unique art on each. So for your love of arts, fashion and your need to express yourself with colours and unique, one of a kind creation, please check out my collection. AlbertaCurves is founded for the very reason to satisfy wishes of everyone who would love to wear art on them.

And, I can’t stop painting on Canvas hence I will keep adding some art to add to your walls too.

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A lone flower

I am A lone flower

Standing tall and beautiful.

The Sun shines harsh

But I never cower for cover.

I know one day,

You will stop by

And find me standing lone.

I know you will smile

And take an extra second.

Your eyes will shine

With the warmth

Of my colours.

And that will be all

For my life.

I will smile

Happy and content,

For the rest

Of my short life,

With the memory

Of your eyes


The beauty of mine.

So I had been traveling a bit for last couple of months and it is never easy to do it when you have a preschooler hanging around with you all the time! It was hot and sunny, yet pleasant to walk around in this park of a not so big city of India, and my little one was busy exploring the wonders of a third world country, ‘a hand pump’ to extract water from yet not dried up water table under us. I took this opportunity to open up my senses to admire my surroundings and spotted this only flower. There were many flowers in the flower bed but this one was lone and tall. It was not huddled in a group of same kind of flowers. It was different and to me it stood confident and brave, totally aware of how special it was. Despite its background of worn out brick, it looked majestic to my eyes. Rather I think the ruggedness of its surroundings added more beauty to this one fragile thing. As usual, my mind wandered into its comfort zone, to my poet zone, and I quickly scribbled the title for my little flower on my phone’s notepad to complete the verses as soon as I had some time later.

This is how this flower came up, to inspire and to tell me, that it’s okay to be lone…


This is my life!

It is a place to scribble, to share and hear back from you. Trying my best to do what I like to do. And yes, I don’t have any particular topic in my mind to blog about. It’s going to range from something to everything; it’s going to be about you, me, someone else, a stranger, my art, my books, someone else’s book, my challenges, your challenges, a pet or a fictitious character. I may write something from my life or you could tell me what you would like to read and I might be able to come up with something. If you just like to read and contribute your thoughts, then follow my blog!