My Winter Wonderland

My winter wonderland

It’s white and it’s beautiful

The starry flakes are wonderful

As I watch the wonderland blur by

Sitting in the warm train crossing by

I marvel at the beauty

Falling flakes like cotton candy

Trees in apron soft white

Grass covered with silvery shine

I can’t take my eyes off

Sitting inside the warmth of the metal box

Air looks fuzzy, white and blurry

As snowflakes fall in a hurry

It looks like white sand of winter

But can’t touch it with bare hands ever

My winter wonderland is only to be seen

Never to be touched without a gloved hand

It’s a beauty for eyes and covered bodies

A Beauty that will numb your senses

And make you colder than ever

Never to be touched

But to be felt with your eyes

Or else you will have frozen hands and frost bites 😉

I dream of making snow balls and Olaf

With my little one bundled in layers

A cup of coffee

And some hot chocolate for him

A treat after we freeze ourselves

Like our cold dessert treat

We step out of our warm cocoon

And a rush of flurries cool my face

I close my eyes

And let a flake kiss my warm lips

It’s soothing  as the flakes melt on my face

As the chill meets the warmth of my body

And I walk in slowly and enjoy

Before it chills my bones

And I rush and hurry

A white furry cat peeks out

From a big window house

As mounds of snow transform

That little house to a dreamy way

We grin wide

And stick our tongues out

And drink the snowflakes falling down

Little white heaps on the bushes

Some more softness drooping the branches

Fresh cotton on trees

Pure white and soothing for eyes

It’s My Winter Wonderland

It is my Beautiful Edmonton!

Today I was out running errands, enjoying the snow from the warmth of the local transit, as it snowed all day. Me and my little on, we both marveled at the white beauty out city had turned into and then I jotted down some lines on my phone’s notepad. I thought I would share the poem with you all!

Which one is your favourite weather?


Sands in the hands

Does it feel like Sands in the hands?

You reach where you

Always wanted to be

You do everything you

Always wanted to do

And then suddenly

It feels like sands in the hands!!!!!!!!!

Why did I do this?

What was I

thinking all the time?

It doesn’t feel

The way I

thought it would!

And it all feels like

Sands in the hands…

You try to grip it hard

And it just slips all off

You panic

And hold it tighter

And it drains through

All the sieves of Hands

And it was all sand

That you were

Chasing all along!

Does it feel like sands in the hands?????????

How many times have we worked really hard for something we thought we always wanted and when we finally achieve our set goal, we realize that it wasn’t something that made us happy! And then we set another goal and the cycle continues, in the pursuit of happiness. May be it the way it was supposed to be or else we would all be too satisfied in what we already have and may not thrive for more and better (of course definition of better is as per the individual perceptions).

It is just food for thought…. think about it and share your thoughts with me.

Trying to kick-start my blog on so thought will pick up a poem from my older blog (which still exists) as a first post for this new one! Old is Gold as they say.