Book Review: The Voyage: A Historical Novel set during the Holocaust, Inspired by real events

I would rate this one at 3.5/5 stars

So I happened to grab a promotional copy of this eBook ” The Voyage” by Author Roberta Kagan, a few weeks ago and since I mostly write now a days (my second fiction, a Literary novel with a strong psychological bend); I delayed to start reading this one. Once I start reading, I find it difficult to stop reading. Is that the case with you too?And this one definitely kept me awake for late in the night, despite it’s few (Only few) drawbacks.  

The story starts with an interesting premise of Holocaust, building up the suspense and curiosity to know more about what happens to its characters eventually. As Anna and Alex eventually manage to leave the doomed ship in Cuba, my mind kept going to the people left behind in the ship. What happened to them? But as the story continued to progress towards Anna and Alex’s life, I assumed it will not deal with the rest of the characters. But in the end it wraps up completely by revealing the story of the other survivor friends from the doomed ship, especially Elke and Manny. Though I really liked Victor’s character even when he isn’t a Jew character and I wish I could read more about him. I also hoped that there was more revealed about the military nurse, as in what happened to her eventually in the war. I did feel that there was desperate attempt to add all kind of spiced up scandals between the characters to add reader’s interest but to me it was a bit unrealistic and not necessary. I don’t mind adultery in the story line but justifying a spouse’s adultery with the partner’s adultery is kind of not very neat plot. Also dealing with the acceptance part of the adultery could have been done more elaborately and in a sensitive manner; delving with Alex’s feelings in detail too. He seemed a bit sidelined in the story. I felt that he needed a better support too and his feelings around his own act of adultery were not dealt clearly.It kind of diluted the theme of the book, about the life of Jews during the holocaust, in that Voyage. A few editing errors were no big deal and can be easily ignored as the story-line was fast paced and had too much to focus on. Never the less, an interesting read as the story is fused with history, love, lonely wives, soldiers, adultery and child loss!

I hope you enjoy this book. Do leave a note about what you think about this one! Here is the link to the book for your easy access:

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